About Foothills Vegetation Management

Foothills Vegetation Management was founded in July 1997. The mission of this company is to provide environmentally responsible services to control plants that threaten Colorado’s natural resources.

The main market area is located within a 100 mile radius of Conifer CO. Residential turf and tree/shrub fertilization, weed, insect, and disease control work will be offered on a limited basis.



FVM has a wide variety of equipment to suit your weed control needs. We have 4 trucks that have 400' + of hose that allows us to reach most areas on a property using a handgun and low pressure spray to treat your weeds. For projects requiring large, flat, open areas to be treated, we offer ATV, tractor and truck mounted boomless spray systems (2-4 acre minimum depending on site conditions) as well as order specific applications for very large expanses of land. Remote sites can be accessed by backpacking, if all other methods cannot be done.



Owner: Michael Wilkinson

Mike has been involved in noxious and industrial weed management since 1990. His background includes experience in orchard management, greenhouse crop production, turf grass management and ornamental tree care. He is an active member of the Colorado Weed Management Association and current chairperson of the Professional Applicator's Committee.

Qualified Supervisor : Brian McGrath

Brian has been an associate of our company since 2004 and brings decades of experience managing weeds from the Florida Everglades to the Continental Divide.

Qualified Supervisor: Paul McLellan

Paul has been an associate of our company since 2006. He has a Masters degree in Entomology. He has extensive experience as a county weed enforcement agent and natural areas technician serving a local municipality.

Qualified Supervisor: Dan Lincoln

Dan has been a part time associate of our company since 2003. Dan was a client of our company prior to joining our staff. He managed the Orange Hawkweed Eradication project in Upper Bear Creek, Evergreen. His equestrian experience and knowledge are very helpful with horse pasture management.

Qualified Supervisor: Bob Hudspeth

Bob has 6+ years of experience with treating noxious weeds. He is very customer service oriented and has a broad knowledge of plants.

Qualified Supervisor: Ann Wilkinson

Ann has 9 years of experience with treating weeds and is Chief Administrative Officer.


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USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service

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