Foothills Vegetation Management Inc.

Foothills Vegetation Management is a privately owned corporation, which specializes in the control of noxious weeds, native plant restoration and land management consultation. The company was created by Mike Wilkinson in July 1997. We have provided services to county, state and federal governments, municipalities, homeowners associations, private industry and residential sites of all sizes, as well as horse pastures, native meadow and forest land restoration projects. We offer rangeland / pasture no-till drill seeding and hydromulching. Most properties will require prior management of weed populations before re-vegetation begins. We also install erosion blanket seeding on steep slopes.

FVM is committed to the judicious use of herbicides, effectively integrated with mechanical and biological methods where possible and practical for noxious weed management. We are active within the Colorado Weed Management Association and continually look for new and innovative management strategies. We are dedicated environmentalists committed to the protection of the environment we all share. Our company only employs state licensed Qualified Supervisors to perform herbicide applications.

Colorado Weed Management Association

USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service

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